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Service Contract

MAK-Imaging Solutions offers comprehensive expertise in all major OEM imaging systems. This allows us to service the latest CT, MRI, PET, PET/CT, SPECT, SPECT/CT and Nuclear Medicine technologies. We also realize that, while there is a technical side to this business, it’s the personal side of working with our customers every day that truly makes the difference. Our friendly and experienced service team is dedicated to help you whenever you need us. We’re proud to offer personalized service for every clients.



We also offer flexibility and freedom of nationwide Time and Materials services service for rapid response and quality work. This offers our clients excellent savings over published OEM hourly rates. Our equipment parts are priced at up to 40% lesser than OEM list price adding more savings for you.



With our more than 50,000 medical equipment parts in our store, we have 3 center with 25,000 square foot facility is well equipped to serve our valuable clients that meets their schedule, budget & quality expectations. Our multi-vendor partnerships ensures availability of the parts you need, including parts the OEM that others find it challenging with respect to availability and supply.



With MAK-Imaging solutions you will save up to 30% of over OEM agreements, you’ll receive the highest quality service possible. Average experience level of our field Service Engineers is over 21 years. From the oldest to the newest CT, MRI, PET, PET/CT, SPECT, SPECT/CT and Nuclear Medicine systems, our engineers are factory-trained and certified.



We assure minimum down time during period of SYSTEM relocation. Experienced and trained installation team of MAK-Imaging with the help of right tools and equipment, we know the intricacies of a safe and fast relocation of your assets for more productive use. Entire accountability of SYSTEM relocation is rests with our Project Manager supported by team, zonal, regional managers. These operations are completely aligned to deliver your expectations & requirements until complete service delivery is fulfilled.